Saturday, December 29, 2012

Marble Maven

 Hello Hello! Here I am in a vintage velvet dress I recently scooped up from a second hand store. I seriously love this dress and would have paid upwards of a hundred bucks for its amazing fit, length, and marble-like pattern, so finding it for ten little doll-hairs made my day! I've paired it with a necklace I found in Mexico, just a purple and white stone entwined with wire... simple, but I love it. I really don't feel like this dress needs alot of accessorizing, it's the kind of peice which speaks for itself.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Black Milk suspender leggings, Nasty Gal dress, American Eagle jacket

Ooooo suspender leggings.... need I say more? I love, love, love them! They are so super sexy no matter what you pair them with. I see them popping up on virtually every website... buy them fast, before everybody has a pair! I hope everyone enjoyed their boxing day shopping.. Cheers to great deals! Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sea Skin Lingerie

American Eagle jeans, corset by Sea Skin Lingerie, Journey's boots

Happy Holidays!! Christmas is so close I can smell the turkey! Mmmmmm.... I was recently given the oportunity to shoot with a very talented local photographer and I loved how the pics turned out so much, I had to share them. The corset is by a Canadian company; Sea Skin Lingerie. Here is their link They produce a variety of corsets and lingerie items which can really spice up your wardrobe. Dress them up or down, day or night, corsets are super sexy and demand attention. Also, check out Camille Porthouse Photography on facebook to see more of Camille's pics,!/CamillePorthousePhotography?fref=ts. My jeans are by American Eagle. I've been wearing skinny's for so long I forgot how incredible a little flare feels, which these Artist jeans present without going overboard. This is perfect for me as I need to be slowly eased out of my skinnys, little flare, by little flare. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

I need a title...

Hering dress, Urban Outfitters' bracelets & tights, Hunter boots

Urban Outfitters' bracelet
O it's that wonderful time of year to run around like a chicken with your head cut off, waiting in ridiculously long lines, and debating over what to put down for yourself because you are supposed to by buying for other people... One of my favourite times of the year .... Christmas :) I am wearing a dress from Hering, a Brazilian company (comparible to the Gap). I love it's neutral colour and heavy crowl neck. I also had to feature a new bracelet I ordered from UO. It's the new love of my accessories. I'm loving glam rock for the holiday season!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello Lovaaaaaarrr!!

Omg! Where have you been all my life????!!!???? These boots are custom made for each person, who can consult with the designer/artist, so your little babies are made just the way you want. They are so beautiful and creative, just like the ads by I am dying for these boots now!!!! W and F Jewelry has paired up with Arnhem Co. to offer a stunning Mayan printed kimono and of course amazing jewelry in a super hot giveaway. Below is a photo from the giveaway and the link. I hope everyone is having a great week!!