Saturday, August 18, 2012


Earrings and hat bought in market
H&M dress, American Eagle button-down, Converse shoes, and hat I just bought in Mex market
Xochimilco [soy-cho-milk-o] ... it took me like three days to figure out how to say that! I had to take the metro all the way to the end, which let me just say is looooooong, then take a train, then a taxi to get to this little gem, but it was totally worth the trek! The shopping in the market was amazing... full of traditional art, clothing, jewellery, shoes... everything! And like Mexico City, it's full of bright colours!! After shopping in the market you ride around a neon painted boat, where you can eat, drink, and listen to mariachis, while a man pushes you around with a giant stick, as you can see I was able to pose for a picture with. I tried to keep my outfits as functional as possible while there since I was always walking, hence the converse. Secret loves of my closet...

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