Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Re-vamped and ZOMBIFIED!

Le Chateau dress, costume socks, and Converse shoes

I am back! And I am a ZOMBIE!!! This recent photo shoot for our local Zombie Walk, has made me feel super inspired to revisit and alter my blog... and force my procrastinating butt to keep at it! It's been a while so I really have so much to share. Have you ever done a Zombie Walk? DO IT! It is so much fun and gives you an amazing opportunity to really get into costume and walk around moaning like a zombie!! I sprayed my hair blue and wore an old dress from Le Chat, which ended up covered in fake blood. I hope you like the changes I've made to my blog... enjoy! Below are a few pics I took with my Holga while I was taking off my makeup. Here you can clearly see my new hairstyle... a little buzz on one side... bzzzzzzz.


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