Friday, July 20, 2012

Aussie Feirce

Dream Weaver Maxi - Cherry Blossom
Issabella Maxi Skirt In Strawberries And Cream
Song Bird Kimono In Talia Floral 
Dream Weaver Mini - Meika Rose Cream
This needs to be said... Austrailia you are awesome! I see so many amazing designers and brands coming out of AUS right now; they are on fire and the kindle is raw talent! I recently did a post breifly showcasing Black Milk Clothing, a super original AUS brand, well here is another but with a completely different concept, Arnhem Clothing. Arnhem Bickley's clothes are effortlessly beautiful and full of earthy tones and patterns. I just copied a few of the floral patterns here, since that's a summer trend I wanted to highlight as well. But go check out the sight, it's well worth your while, even just for inspiration (I've included the link below). The first dress I am dying for... it's just so perfect! The crochet detail is impeccable and the pattern in so retro and gorgeous. If you love this pattern like I do, you can find it on the site in other peices too! Amazzzing!!! Have fun shopping!

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