Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perfect Edges

Forever 21 dress, Aldo boots, Urban Outfitters headdress

Love! Love! Love! I love my UO goddess chain headdress. It makes me feel moderately unique. I love my leather Aldo boots and I am in love with this dress!! It has so many amazing details... the edges, the zipper at the back, the fact that it's double layered.... In my last post I was raving about American Apparel, but this time it's Forever 21. I have no problem going in there any day of the week and loading my arms with shopping bags :) First of all, the store is huge and full of selection; if you see a material that you like, they usually have several different designs which gives you a greater chance to find the perfect fit. Their stuff is always perfectly on point with whats trending and offered at such a reasonable price, you just can't go wrong. Props!!!

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